Brunch Poast.

Brunch Poast.

A couple Sundays ago I was privileged enough to be invited to my best friend’s house to dine with her family.
This woman, my best friend Kate, is the classiest lady I’ve ever met. Boy, does she know how to entertain. She’s one of those ladies that has a dish for every occasion, and knows where to find it when the mood strikes..
For example.. The coffee bar.

Look at those little glasses! It’s the kind of thing you want to drink anything served with whipped cream! I legit ground my teeth when I saw her coffee tray. I wanted to smash it to smithereens, it was so adorable.

She’s also one of those women that knows how to decorate a table. She knows how to put her guests at ease, and how to make any dining experience an inviting one.
Everything was just so bright and alive. It’s the dead of winter, and she made it feel like springtime. It helped that the sun was shining, but I think it was just the overall vibe in the house.

The food was excellent.
Her father made a wonderful fruit salad.
That’s kind of her dad’s thing. Making the best fruit salads ever. It’s a cute thing.

She, too, made that french toast Jessica had made a few weeks before.
I might take a break from that one, and work on this french toast casserole I just found a recipe for. It was perfect, though. So many recipes, so little time, though, right?

She also made some kind of party potatoes. Cheesy, hashbrown potatoes, with chicken stock, and corn flakes on top..

Here’s where my cook’s eyes got a little green. Bless Kate’s little heart for trying her first quiche. It was a valiant effort! Quiche is a hard thing to master, you know.. It takes practice and…….
Golden brown, light, flavorful, buttery.. All the things you want from a quiche.
I’ll let you in on a little secret… Before my waffle making mission, I was hell bent on making the best quiche in Southeastern Wisconsin. I made, oh, I don’t know.. 13+ attempts. All were.. Lacking.
Kate’s first try, and I wanted to lick my hands up to the elbow. That’s fine. Good for her. Good FOR her. *face*

It was really beautiful. The food, the company, the atmosphere.. Despite my wishing a pox on her house for taking my quiche dreamz. (i’m not a great person)