Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Boerner Botanical Gardens.

I must say, besides the copious amounts of light, and a few kinks to work out, I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW LENS.

The rose garden I was looking forward to was a little lackluster.
Not for lack of trying..
It just seemed like the harsh summer sun had been beating down on them to the point of exhaustion.
There were plenty of lilies, though.

There was a cute house, and a striking statue.

These are even prettier when they’re new.. But lend themselves to alright photography.


Saoirse. I got a lot of shots of her, because she loves me. She enjoys my company thoroughly. (as most do)



So today, as brutal as the sun was.. (Seriously.. Not a single cloud in the sky, and 90 degrees.)
I got some pretty good shots.
I know that once I get a feel for this wonderful lens, things are only going to get better.

To end the evening, I stopped at one of my local spots to get the best flippin’ wings in Milwaukee.

Oh, I forgot the fish.

Just a pretty staircase..