Garden Post.

Garden Post.

I discovered that one of my basil plants is angry. His leaves are turning brown. He may need more sun than he’s getting. *sigh*

Good news? My serrano chili plant has oh, like.. a BILLION flowers blooming on it. (Flowers=peppers) Something’s chewing on it’s leaves, but.. I’m trying to be optimistic.

One of my tomato plants.. (I forgot which) has some tomatoes on it. I can’t really take complete credit, because they were there when I purchased him.. But they’ve gotten bigger, and haven’t shriveled up and died, so that’s something.

My raspberries are about to get fuckin’ real.

My strawberries.. Well. I don’t know what to do about these guys. I might have to do a little research on size (it matters) because these are just teensy. Also, one of them was all rotted, and the other one tasted like.. Leaves. Maybe I jumped the gun plucking it from the vine?

I spent part of yesterday evening watching the family use their new tree book to identify trees in the park. I must say that my heart was completely content.