Horicon Marsh.

Horicon Marsh.

I woke up this morning with little to no sleep under my belt. I wish I could say it was because of the heat.. Or the two pieces of chocolate I had before bed. But no.. It cooled off last night, and nothing ill can ever come from eating chocolate before bed. (believe it)
Nah, just those little anxiety attacks, like tiny panic bombs going off in the pit of my stomach, jolting me out of my slumber.. And then my brain starts to work. Poorly, without direction, and with Eeyore’s voice.
It seems to be happening less frequently.. But…
I had plans this morning to visit Horicon with a friend.
When I ‘woke up’, I was already thinking of things to tell him so that I could excuse myself.
(Yesterday, I purchased a new coffee maker. One that actually holds more than four cups.
Sometimes, my attraction to miniature things gets the better of my logical side.
My addiction to coffee wins this round, tiny pot. You are shelved.)

As tired as I was this morning, I knew I had coffee. Lots. And Lots. And lots.
So I got out of bed, and made myself a breakfast sandwich. (with egg, avocado, tomato, purple onion, Sriracha, sharp white cheddar, and a multi grain roll)

As I was cooking, I stepped on a tiny piece of glass.
I couldn’t get it out of the bottom of my foot.
I almost let my friend know I couldn’t go. Again.

I’m so glad I didn’t let that lazy jerk inside of me let me go back to bed. It was one of those days where the sun is warm on your skin, but the wind feels like sweet kisses.

I had never been to Horicon before, but it is indeed a sight to behold.

We found this sign on a round about tour of the town. I love it. I want one on my door.

This sign was on the way to the parking lot/driving tour of the marsh.

To my dismay, I did not have to avoid any snakes. :/

We took the two and half mile Redhead Trail. Not so much *on* the marsh, but like.. Around it?

This was actually on the marsh, but we only got a peek of it during our hike.

This happens to be the particular part of the trail where the insects descended upon us.
I personally think that they were just cruising around and happened to hit our faces/bodies/hands..
Little accidents.
My friend, who was bitten multiple times, disagrees.
I thank those flying demons, really.. We hauled ass!!

Crispy critter…

Palate cleanser..

After our hike, we drove along the marsh tour, and found what I had thought our entire trip was going to be like.. And it was totally worth it.
It was a small trail/floating boardwalk called Egret Something.

It was so serene.. Save the Barn Swallows that were dive bombing the marsh. There were also sticks and things sticking out of it that the birds would land on.
That’s another thing! This hike was FILLED with flying creatures. I have never seen so many birds.

When we got to a certain part of the boardwalk, we noticed a group of swallows (which is called a ‘flight’, apparently) that were sunning themselves on the wood. Super cute how they open their wings so their little bellies, and the underside of their wings can get warmed on the boards.

On our way back home, we stopped at Helds Meat Market in Slinger, WI. I KNEW I should have taken a picture of it myself, because that website does it absolutely no justice.
You guys.. It’s filled with cheese, sausage, jerky, pickled things, jams, syrups.. All from Wisconsin..
And then, it’s randomly spotted with antiques. Antiques! In a meat market! How I do love Wisconsin!

I went a little overboard, but here are my spoils.

There is an apple cinnamon waffle mix, red cherry jam, hot pepper jam(one of my favorite things in life), ROOT BEER JELLY (WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???), Vern’s string cheese(which is so dry and stringy that i want to marry it), some Wisconsin maple syrup, and three different sausages. ..German Landjaegers, and a spicy, and cheesy one.
I have to say that they didn’t live up to the ones from a few days ago.. But they’re quite good.

I already have plans for that hot pepper jam.. I found a recipe for panko bread crumb and goat cheese tarts. I was thinking they would go wonderfully with a dollop of pepper jam on top. I will keep you posted.

I must say, that I’m steadily learning that it’s so much better to just do things, than to not.
And I still have that little piece of glass in my foot.