Mexican Breakfast Burrito.

Mexican Breakfast Burrito.

Last night I hosted a dinner party with my nearest and dearest. I could have taken pictures, but the whole meal was largely purchased prepared foods, and I consider that a bit of a ruse.

I went to my local Hispanic grocery store, and picked up a large spread of taco innards.

Pulled pork from the hot deli, arroz con gandules, tortilla chips, flour tortillas, two kinds of guacamole, tomatoes, queso quesadilla, cilantro, purple onion, fresh salsa verde, and two kinds of sour cream.

My discovery yesterday was an array of regional sour creams. I purchased a Mexican and Honduran crema.
The Honduran seemed fattier, and less tangy than the sour cream I use on a regular basis. Delicious? You read the description, right?
I mixed it with chopped chipotle chilies in adobo, and served it next to the plain.

As I generally do, I purchased far too much food for the amount of people I had over. I guess it’s better having too much, than not enough.. Though I apply that more to alcoholic beverages. A drunk guest is a happy guest.

This morning, I decided to make Mexican breakfast burritos. (the first in what looks to be a week’s worth of leftover use.)

I chopped up a bit of jalapeno, and softened it in a bit of butter.
I added 3 whisked eggs, and scrambled the two together.
When they were just a little bit wet, I added a bit of avocado, some chopped tomato, and some white quesadilla cheese.

I wrapped them up in two left over tortillas, and brought them to my table with my computer.. As I was entering the food into my calorie counter, I realized that the tortillas made up for an entire meal’s worth of calories. 210 each! I sadly, and reluctantly, scraped my burrito insides out of their soft and cozy shells. (it was like taking away two small hugs, really.)

I suppose it’s all about making choices.
My eggs were delicious, but I still need a hug.