Garden Post.

Garden Post.

I can’t seem to get the particular shots I want of the things in the garden, but they’re close enough.
Maybe the issue is the lens.. Close up plant life is not it’s forte?
A friend of mine told me that sometimes Sigma lenses have issues with focus, and need to be calibrated with Canons. Something that you can do for free by sending the body of your camera in with the lens..
He said, “So if you’re not going to want to use your camera for a while…”
When would that be?

I took this photo in the portrait setting. With flash.

I haven’t particularly liked eggplant in the past, but I’m working on developing a taste for it.
Plus, I grew this bitch.

Portrait is a setting I have begun to really like, but have become dependent upon.
I took a few photos of my friends twins while we were up North, and the issue began to be the flash. It reaaaaaaaaallly wanted to go off. My camera seemed to get tired, and I missed a lot of great smiling shots.
It’s turned out to be one of my favorite shoots ever.

Here, the flash *didn’t* go off, but I feel like it should have.. I still love this photo, though.

These are my second favorite shoots. Tutus on a pier, and naked babies in a boat. Great fun.

…I digress.
Back to the garden.

My broccoli, cabbage, and carrots are lookin’ mighty fine.
I’m obsessed with the workings of my beets and my carrots.
It’s so exciting to think that there’s so much work going on under the surface.
There’s a saying, that I can’t find anywhere, but someone told to me..
That you can’t pull up your roots to see if they’re growing. They just are.
It’s a great metaphor for life..
I can’t check to see if I’m growing, I just have to plant the seeds and have faith.

Here is that Black Prince tomato plant. He’s got some serious blossoms all over him.
Fruitful, fruitful dude.

A few of my plants are crowding each other.
The Japanese eggplant is right on top of the beets, which are on top of the purple pole beans, which are all right next to my Purple Prince. I really need to get those stakes, and prop those guys up before they fruit. Before they vegetable? Whatever. You know what I’m saying.