How much do pipes cost in the Matrix?

How much do pipes cost in the Matrix?

Summerfest is the best place for people-watching on the planet, I am fully convinced.
I went there last night to see my love, Robyn.

I have to say that it was my first concert sober(minus a couple of new kids on the block shows when i was 12), and I really had one of the best times doing anything ever.
I danced the entire time.
So did she.

She’s the cutest thing since baby seals, and I want to smash her up and put her on a slice of bread and preserve her forever.

This is the second time seeing her for me, and she still has yet to sing “Bum Like You”. (negative nancy)

On to the people-watching..
We sat near the lake, waiting for the show to start, and I took pictures of note-worthy people.
I’m not going to post a lot of them, because it shows just how much of an asshole I really am, but I WILL post this guy. Because he’s fully aware of what he’s doing.

It’s not really obvious, because I was notified too late of his presence, but…
He was wearing some sort of open trench coat, an odd hat, and smoking a reaaaaallly long pipe.
He had no shirt on.
And plain as day, across his chest, was a tattoo of a cobra. A COBRA.
He was amazing.

You know who else were amazing?
These Robyn fans.

This little girl was sad to be at a Mayer Hawthorne concert. (we saw him before robyn)

It’s interesting to see shows with people that are drinking heavily when you are not.
I don’t care so much what other people are doing, and I’m not concerned about their mental state.. But there’s a point in the evening where it shifts, and they are incredibly concerned about mine.
There are comments like, “Well, this must suck for you.”
Or, “I don’t know how you can stand Summerfest when you’re sober.”
At first, it bothered me. I thought, “Well, I was having a good time until everyone started badgering me about being sober.” Or, “Stop drawing attention to me! I’m not missing an eye!”
It doesn’t bother me anymore.
No, Summerfest isn’t intolerable without booze. I’m far more observant, and bump into less people.
I am reminded about every 20 people I pass, that when you are blackout drunk, you are not attractive.

When my friends were in the bathroom, a 16 year old girl wobbled in, passed out, and cracked her skull on the concrete. They had to be the adults in the room, and alert paramedics of her injury. Her friend, another 16 year old, told them not to.
In the midst of the emergency, a girl asked another girl if she had gone to her high school. The audacity, and total lack of compassion for some is astounding to me sometimes.

I have been attending some AA meetings to get some balance in my mind and my heart.
I am heartbroken, and regretful, and need to find peace.
I have found, through my own internet diagnoses, that I could, perhaps, be suffering from an affliction called “Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome.”
I have, or have had, each symptom on wikipedia’s list.
It seems to be getting better over time.
It could also be a depression issue that has gone untreated for a very long time, and self-medicated with booze.
I am trying to get better.
I suppose that’s the best I can do.