My photos from Kohler-Andrae have been sitting in my files, glaring at me for weeks.
So here they are.

There’s a marsh at Kohler-Andrae.

It was short, but soothing. And beautiful.

There was another part to the park that was right on Lake Michigan, and holds lots of sand dunes. There was a boardwalk there, but it was hot, we had already walked for 2 hours, and spent a good hour right on the beach with no shade.

I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the sand, fir trees, and grass. It just shouldn’t be.

This shouldn’t be, either. I don’t know what kind of spider made this, but I don’t want to meet him.

I liked this tree part.

I also like these trailers. A lot.
They make me think of Area 51, and Florence Henderson, and hair tonics. I have been thinking long and hard about renting/buying one of these next year and going everywhere. EVERY. WHERE.

My dad had a friend, Lew, that would go fishing in the Northwoods every year. He spent every summer traveling the US in his trailer. What an interesting life Lew must have had.

After this adventure, I got terribly ill. I thought I had been drinking plenty of water, and I ate a decent lunch.. But I was sick for hours. Death sick. I thought I might have gotten poisoned. By sun. And exercise.
I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard, and this was a good reminder that I am not, after all, invincible.
Hydrate. Relax. Listen to your body.

Unrelated to Kohler-Andrae, but fully related to pushing, and reaching goals..
My new obsession is the island nation of Maldives.
An archipelago.
I *love* that word.
Plus, this.

It’s made of a double chain of 26 atolls. ATOLLS ARE AWESOME, TOO.
And it’s located ON TOP of a submarine mountain range. MOUNTAINS UNDER WATER.
It’s the planet’s lowest country, with it’s ground level just 5 feet above sea level.
Get a load of this.
It’s also right near Sri-Lanka.. I’m in love with that place. I think maybe I could throw Thailand in there somewhere, too. The possibilities are endless.

If there were any a place to get over my fear of sharks, this is it. I’m going to have to do some serious work with my heights thing to prove I wouldn’t thrash around like a wounded animal upon spotting the fin’d beast.
Another fear I have is being in the middle of the ocean with no real land in sight.
Two birds though, right?

I’m coming closer and closer to the idea that I want to just take off for a year, and travel around the world.
Fuck that whole, “living somewhere else for a year” thing that people do. I want to live EVERYWHERE else for a year.
What a brilliant plan.
Watch me.