Mini Toad Plummets To His Tiny Death.

Mini Toad Plummets To His Tiny Death.

An endless list of things happened while I was in Pickeral.
Spelled ‘Pickerel,’ as luck would have it.
Only I would misspell the name of my favorite town in all the world for the last ten years.
Ehh. I forgive myself.

Second day in Pickerel, WI.
Eight of us decide to take a walk to one of the surrounding swimmin’ holes, Crystal Lake.
Plenty to find on this journey, including the biggest raspberries I have ever seen.

Incidentally, I love moss.
I love moss and ferns.
They make me want to shrink myself down and live among them.
Fairy Style.
I would like to be a fairy, is what I’m saying.
Or a wood nymph.
A sprite?
Either or.
I’ll take what I can get.

If you slap a leafy plant, a rock, and a few mushrooms on that b?

With toadstools come tiny toads.
This guy now holds the pennant for tiniest amphibian mine eyes have seen.

Who decided to leap to his untimely demise.


If I’m being honest, he survived the fall.

I plucked this small treasure from the soil after he took his suicidal plunge..
Somehow, due to his size, he rolled between my fingertips..
Flushing his innards directly out of his abdomen.

CLUE: Cass, in the forest, with a clammy phalange.

Four year old Ezra requested to hold him amidst my grim discovery.
I declined, saying that I had set him free, back into his mossy glen.
(i wiped the pad of my fingertip clean there, too.)

I still don’t forgive myself for this one.
It might be a while before I do.