Garden Post.

Garden Post.

It’s around noon on Friday, and I have spent the morning with two pretty amazing kids.
I had planned on making them waffles, but discovered I had less than the required amount of milk to do so, and zero eggs.
They did fine with peanut butter toast, and oatmeal.
The weather today is my favorite. Cool, windy, overcast, but sunshiney at the same time.
It feels like the beginnings of fall.
After I dropped Brad, and her friend Ben off at each of their destinations, I came back to tend the garden.
I have to say that I haven’t been doing so much of that.. It seems now is the time that I wait.
I have left a couple of things by the wayside, be it because of laziness, or outright defiance.. But everything within the chicken wire is thriving beautifully.

My purple pole beans yielded a crop. (that’s what gardeners say, right?)

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these guys house pristine white beans.
I ate a couple of them.
Hope I won’t get poisoned.

Here’s a little bit of personal information about me..
I can always tell when autumn is upon us by my hands.
I’ve always hated my hands, though when I look at them, I see my mother’s.
They’re either clammy, or dry and bleeding. No in between.
As a kid, I remember having to apply creams and salves, and wear my grandmother’s cotton gloves to school.
It’s not that bad anymore, but they still wrinkle on the tips when it gets cool, and if I don’t apply lotion religiously, the pain sets in.

Just kidding. I kind of love life today, and I find my hand trials more humorous than not.
Story of my life.

My Purple Cherokee seems to be the underdog that I’m starting to root for with a vigor.

Here, from left to right, are my beets(there are only two out of 5 left), my Japanese eggplant(he’s already given me one), and my Purple Prince(who is the tallest dude in the garden).

My Purple Prince.. Well. You know how I feel about him.
He’s about to let me see what he’s made of.
I think I’m going to make some sort of awesome tomato salad..
And there was talk about learning to can tomatoes, too.

Speaking of canning..
I just tried that store bought pepper jelly..
It’s grainy with sugar, and it’s got far too much pectin in it.
The flavor? Ehhh. It’s okay.
I think I can do better, and I sure am going to try.

My broccoli is totally broccin’ out. (GET IT?)

My new project is this here..
Sweet potatoes.

I might have let a sweet potato sit too long on my kitchen table, and he grew things..
I heard that all you had to do was break off the growth, and stick them in water so they can grow their own roots..
We’ll see if that works, and then I’m going to pack them into a barrel-like wired contraption that sits outside of my garden. I hope it works in time for fall.

UPDATE: My smart friend told me I was supposed to leave those beans on until they dried up and the beans turned black.
WHATEVER. It’s fine. They’ll grow more.
Oh, and my sweet potato is sprouting! YAY!