The Earth Speaks.

The Earth Speaks.

Last night I was about to go to bed(after eating my ritual night chocolate), when a flicker of light caught my eye through the window. Another lightning storm.
I decided to get my camera, and see if I could mess with the settings enough to pick up some good shots.
I couldn’t.

The storm lasted for about an hour, and it was one of those things..
A thrilling, moving thing, that reminds you just how connected everything is.
I felt like it was just for me.

After the lighting storm, there was a shift.
The wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and the smell of rain hung thick in the air.
A bat swooped out of the tree in front of me, and over my roof.
I breathed deep, and led myself to bed as the rain fell hard and fast.

This morning, I woke in a new way.

I spent the day out at Ottawa with my girls, and a good book.

There were three Sandhill Cranes that have apparently been hanging around, coming closer and closer to people.

They sure came close, and made up for those quick birds I saw at the beginning of the summer…….
I wonder if they are the same birds!! Scuppernong isn’t too far off..

Anyway, I felt like I was about to get Velociraptor’d.

I watched a kid chase this butterfly around for a good 5 minutes.


I finished out the day at Chill on the Hill, a weekly gathering in the park with live music.

The band was one of our locals, who I really really enjoy. They have a cello!
(Drew, I’M SORRY, OKAY?)
P.s. I’m generally sold on any band who does a Creep cover.

I made the most amazing fruit and cheese plate I have ever put together.
I was pretty proud of me.

I used Rainier cherries, green seedless grapes, and strawberries.
Salted almonds, local raw honey, and a spicy dark chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.
(these people make the most delicious chocolate treats..) The one I used was called Mayan Spice.
The cheeses were decadent..
Port Salut, Carr Valley Billy Blue Goat(excellent with the honey), and Widmer’s 6 year cheddar.
Cured meats, as you know, are the absolute best.
Mild sopressata, Old Forest Salami, and spicy calabrese salami rounded out the tray nicely.

I’m pretty sure I ate for three hours straight.

I’d say, overall.. A great day off.
I felt calm in my heart for all of it.
What an amazing gift.

Also, Night Chocolate is the new Night Cheese.