Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Bristol Renaissance Faire.

I love going to the Faire.

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it this year, and what a tragedy that would have been!
It was a bit hot for my taste..
(We’re having a bit of an Indian Summer here..)
But we made it work.

The shops had so many beautiful things.
Like this leather here.
(sarah bought some that she will bring to her father so he can make her some moccasins.)
(i want some, too)
(i know you’re reading this, sarah.)
(buy me some leather.)
(i am yo neighbor.)

I would love to have a garden full of these blown glass balls.. But not just one.
The effect is lost, I think.. And they are hella expensive.

I wonder how much time I’m going to spend looking up rosewater recipes instead of cleaning my house?
Answer: All of it.

I think about getting wood things like this, and then think about the bacteria that sticks around in wood..
(bees are clean, okay?)

This jewelry here is a point of contention.
I thought it looked nice, and was trying to get the best angle for the pretties.
I was yelled at by the shop owner.
“No pick-tchuhs!” she said in her best Hollywood diva voice.
I bought a pair of earrings anyway.
They’re cute, but are they worth the public shaming, and the $32? We’ll see.

I loved the look of this display. So bright and inviting.
The pottery isn’t so much my style.. (though very nice)
I was about to say something about not liking pastels, but I just looked around my apartment, and have to make note of the indecent amount of pastel blue spattered about.
All together, it looked picture worthy.

Now, for the people.
There was a man-sized gnome.

One of the elementals threw an apple my direction.

(seriously, it’s like a magazine. look at that baby! that baby is for real!)

This guy was selling pickles.
He made Sarah laugh..
Because he was talking about his giant pickle.

I have a weird relationship with pickles.
I like them.
Cryptic pickle post is cryptic.
Look.. Sometimes I think it’s a great idea to bite a pickle, and then I regret it.
They sure can ruin a sandwich.
Ugh, and when your potato chips and/or french fries get pickle juiced?!

But.. Sometimes I love them, and can eat half a jar of Milwaukee’s Midget Dill pickles in an evening.

I especially will not purchase a pickle if there are multiple euphemisms used during the sale.
So don’t even try it.
I’m a classy broad.

This lady had jokes I can get behind.
She spoke directly to 10 month old Scarlette saying, “It’s time to escape! Not a moment too soon!”
Made me giggle for hours.

This man was handing out samples of my ultimate favorite Renaissance food.
The Cheese Fritters.

Which brings me to the food portion of this post.
Every time you tell someone that you are headed to RenFaire, they ask you..
“Are you gonna get a turkey leg?”
No, sucka!
And I’ll tell you why.
Them shits is dry and flavorless, and I will have no part of it.
Tryptophan at a festival of food an frolics? Terrible idea.

I can’t get enough of these doughy, gooey, fried bits of heaven.
Stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, and served with BBQ sauce and “white mustard”(it’s just mustard and mayo).

We also shared some other delights..
A Shepherd’s Pie..
And look! It’s an artichoke!

A bee died in the butter.
I’d like to tell you it stopped us from dipping artichoke leaves in it..
(i can’t imagine much would keep me from clarified butter..)

We had to get some mushrooms. Duh.

Served in a saucy onion broth, with a crusty piece of bread to sop up the goodness..

Ye Olde vegetable tempura was live in the cut.

The BBQ’d chicken thigh with spicy sauce was juicy, and full of yum.

For dessert, Jessica and I both opted for the sorbet. Or whatever it is.
Frozen smoothie innards?
Either way, it’s served in a hollowed out frozen piece of fruit.
Jessica got the peach(served in a peach), and I got the strawberry(served in an orange).

I can never eat too much of something like these, but the whimsy will forever have me buying them.

Here’s what I love about Faire the most..
It’s just a crazy hodgepodge of nutty looking people.
All shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
Just a bunch of freaks hanging out and having a good time.
I can get down like that.