Canning Tomatoes.

Canning Tomatoes.

I woke up around noon yesterday.
I’m trying to tell myself I’m not getting sick..
Though all night on Saturday I was shaking and moaning with fever.
I canceled my morning hike Sunday, but went to can tomatoes in the afternoon.
(pumping myself full of ibuprofen and theraflu.)
Even now, there is something dark and diabolical lurking underneath the surface of my skin..
Waiting, most likely, until I go on vacation to unleash its sinister wrath.

After blanching then shocking these tomatoes..
We skinned, sliced, and de-seeded them.

We boiled the jars, removed them after 15 minutes, and filled them with tomatoes.

The recipe called for two tablespoons of lemon juice per pint… But now I’m thinking it was two tablespoons of lemon juice per pint of liquid, and not each jar? Ehh. We’ll see when we open them.

This guy watched.

The rest of the jar was filled with boiling water..
We then put the boiled lids on, and screwed the caps “finger tight”.
I’m such a child that I can’t help but say it every time it happens.
We processed them for 45 minutes.

I think of evil scientists and doctors in basements with creepy things in jars.
Two-headed foetuses and such.
You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m about to go eat my face off at a Mexican buffet.

Later, I’ll post about the amazing BBQ restaurant I went to. Maybe.
I’m pretty sure the Ebola is eating my insides, and my eyeballs might be bleeding in that time.
My body is a Hot Zone for sure.
(i’m so fucking hilarious)