Babes, Bullshit, Boston, Butts, Butterflies, And A Bakery Bit.

Babes, Bullshit, Boston, Butts, Butterflies, And A Bakery Bit.

I saw this one at Turner Hall a few nights ago.
My favorite place to see music in Milwaukee.
The Pabst is one, and this is the only.
It’s old, and has creaky floors, and you sometimes feel like you might fall through them when the bass hits hard..
But the wood soaks up the sound, and empties it right into your epidermis.
(plus.. all the cool kids hang out there)
I am standing(and by ‘standing’, I mean dancing my A off) down and to the left.
(I had a video here, but every time I looked at this post, it was a different video)
(the pabst is pulling some shite)
(anyways.. it was Sleigh Bells in Milwaukee..)

If I had this whole concert on video, I would glue it to my eye holes.
During the last song, she brought about 25 lady concert-goers on stage to dance with her..
And when the lights came on, she hugged every one of them. Gah.

We’re getting married, Alexis and me.
(alexis and i?)
(she would never correct me)
(she loves me for who i am)
You can’t come to the wedding.
It’s going to be just the two of us.
(very romantic)

This guy. He opened for my fiancée.
He made my ears bleed.
I’m too old for this kind of shit.
(who is this, skrillex?)
(this brand of dubstep makes my panic disorder kick into high gear)
Seriously, don’t even watch this. It’s awful.

Take note of the man to his right.
The Hype Man.
He doesn’t do anything at all.
He held a microphone, and at one point took off his jacket.
That’s it.

I went there.
The very place where Cheers was filmed.
Someone pointed in the direction of the bar itself, so I can pretty much say I went there, too.

Favorite shots from Boston?
Don’t mind if I do, Reader.

This sums up the city quite accurately.
The people there seem to have a certain vibe, or look about them.
Everyone was very polished. Preppy. Well-kempt.
(which is not a thing people say, by the way. it’s redundant. harvard would have a field day with me)

The Hah-Bah.

Crew is a big deal in Boston.
I saw The Skulls.
I know all about it.
(this is one of the boathouses)

I went to Mount Auburn Cemetery.
I love this girl, too.
She has a cool bike, and a nice attitude.
And she looks smart.


As a side note, I’m in love with cemeteries.
I’m fascinated by the things people do with their dead, all over the world.
Guatemala held my favorite cemeteries so far..
(this is not my photo.. obvi)

We met this guy in a dog park.
I don’t know when regular parks became dog parks, but a lot of them totally did.
This man had a fake butt.
I am unsure if it was plastic-surgeried, or just an insert, but it was not of this world.
We spoke with him a bit, and he told us his dog would have been a lot cuter had his ears flopped.
And that it was a bit of a letdown that they didn’t.
Later in the conversation, he told us that the spot around his dog’s eye wasn’t real, either.
This man, with the prosthetic ass, applies eye-liner to his dog’s eye every day to make him more attractive.
And then he sits in a dog park on a bench with other locals.
Later, my friend expressed her sadness for the way this guy talks about his dog’s short-comings right in front of the dog..
That statement alone was just as weird to me as dog makeup. It’s all the same.
Anyway, from where I see it, this dog is living the high life.



I don’t know why I got so into going to bakeries in Boston, but it became a thing.
I only ended up getting one Boston Cream Pie.
It was the last one, and absolutely tasted like refrigerator.
I told you about picking the last guy for your team.. Don’t ever do it on purpose.