This morning, I had the best photoshoot so far.
I spent two hours with a really amazing kid named Xander, and his mom.
We laughed, posed, came up with ideas..
I had the most fun I’ve had on a shoot.
This kid was a flipping natural!

Here’s a couple before my editing process..

I met these two at a coffee shop in the Fifth Ward, and was there about 20 minutes early to scope the scene.
I stood outside, and grumbled about the weather, and ominously overcast skies, as I sucked down a quad shot caramel latte.

When they arrived, I opted for another cup of coffee, and as I stood in line, I heard my name.
I turned to see someone from my drinking days..
Someone I think is void a moral compass, has hurt people, and lied a great deal.
Someone I shouldn’t have spent any time whatsoever with.. But did.

He had his usual smug smirk, as he asked me how I’d been.
“Great,” I said. “You?”
“I’m hungover,” he complained.
“I’m not. I quit drinking.”
“Oh? How’ve you been, then? Since you stopped having fun?”
“A lot better, actually. Than how I was, I mean.”
He squinted his eyes at me, I grabbed my coffee, and told him to have a great day.

I walked out the door, and created some beautiful memories for a woman and her son.
And some beautiful memories for me, too.
And that felt pretty fucking amazing.