Murs, Peter Bjorn and John, DJ Cam.

Murs, Peter Bjorn and John, DJ Cam.

Swallow your pride before your choke on your issues.
I know you got family and folks that’ll miss you.
So don’t misuse this gift you’ve been given..
This life is but a dream, you are blessed to be livin’.

I’ll take everything in this life..
(Your hopes, and your dreams, and your hate, and your lies)
I’ll join everyone when I die..
(From the old and the wise, to the young that stay fly)

And basically, man, I’m just a dude that tries to do right.
You know I try to make my, my tomorrows better than my yesterdays.
Without, without hurtin’ anyone else in the process..
‘Cause if you leave the world a better place than it was when you got here..
Then we all win..

Now there’s birth, and there’s death, but the space in between us..
Where the journey takes place and you give it all meanin’.
It’s waitin’ on us all, there’s no need to pretend..
No freedom in the feelin’ where you’re fearin’ the end.

And one more.
Because…. Swim.