Well, folks.
Turns out, I am indeed a scientist.

She looks a bit like Wilford here, doesn’t she?
There is a windchill advisory today, hence the burrito of blanket around my cat carrier.

Thanks to my super sweet friend, who got peed on while she was prodding ma petite, I know what ails ‘er.
We talked in this office about what to do next.

Which turns out to be, maybe, reversing the Beaties.
And if not, the rest of a kitty lifetime of insulin injections for Kaylence.
Good thing, though! My friend lives just on the next block over.
She can make house calls!!

No more Nutty Bars for you, chat.
(or for me, either, quite frankly. i tore through a box of those bitches faster than i could taste them.)
Sweet Victory.