So, I guess if you keep hearing a song on your favorite radio show and you have become obsessed with it..
And Shazam won’t find it for you, and your internet detective skills don’t work…
You can email the DJ, and he will promptly respond to you. (I’m talking within 40 seconds)
And the DJ can tell you that the remix of the song that you love is done by people on his very own record label..
And you feel like you’re just a little bit cooler for having a midnight chat with a radio DJ.
But moreover?
You can find out that this band is playing 10 minutes away from your house in two weeks for $8.

The original.

And you can also find out they’re from Wisconsin.
And that they are adorable.
And do fabulous Kimbra covers.
And do shout outs to Genghis Khan and Aaron Rogers.

Oh man.
I hope I don’t physically assault these people in two weeks.
Nah. I’ll probably just get weird, not make eye contact, and shuffle out wordlessly.

I feel like I just found buried treasure.