Tea, Indulgence, and Edith.

Tea, Indulgence, and Edith.

Last night, we had a bit of a storm. Teeny tiny.
When I got out of work at around midnight, the parking lot and streets were dead, and I was left in this sort of..
Suburban/Industrial/Sprawling wonderland, covered with sparkling diamonds.
It was only about 1°F, so the snow was frozen in flake form.
I actually had to stop and take it in for a couple of minutes.

Today, my day started early.
Between my diabetic cat’s incessant whining, and my body’s new game of, “How painful can these morning dead arms get?” I was jolted at around 6am.
S’okay. I was full of excitement.

Jessica had the scoop on a bi-annual plant sale that a plant rental company had, uh, bi-annually.
It’s one of those companies that rents plants to businesses, then gets rid of them when they start to wilt, and brown.
Kate and I drove out to Js, then to wait outside the sale in 9°F weather.
Apparently, this is a sought after event, and when we got inside(after people elbowed their way in), women and men were grabbing plants and boxes like lightning.
One particular woman had pushed and kicked at least 20 plants aside within two minutes.

Turns out this sale happens once a month, and I’m not exactly sure what the urgency was about.
Not to mention… What are you people doing with these plants that needs doing immediately?
It was comical to watch.
And I totally crumbled under pressure when I had to pay at the front.
Gloves had to come off!
Singles had to be counted!
My tips were dry, and couldn’t get a grip!
It was anarchy!

After the sale, Jessica and I did some grocery shopping for tomorrow’s Netherlands Antilles adventure.
Unfortunately, I failed to do the recon mission for salt beef this week.
It looks like it’s something that needs to be ordered ahead of time.
(thank you, hawaiian grocery!)

Here’s another little misstep..
I have two different alphabetical lists for the countries..
The one on my phone lists things like, “Netherlands, Antilles” and “Arabia, Saudi” under the As.. And so on.
I don’t like that list.
They should be under “N” and “S”, respectively.
But we had already planned for this dang lunch, and so it stands.

Next up? Tea tasting at the Pfister Hotel with my friend Cory.
These people are not fucking around.
So adorable.
We decided that I would be a wonderful date planner.
I’m not sure yet what my business would be called, but I know the tagline would be something like, “Dating plans from a single lady who knows what she *wants* to do on a date.”
I’m sure it’ll take off.

This is a perfect view of the old Electric Building with the Milwaukee flame on top.
Whoopie n' Nem.
And this is some other shit that I never noticed from the ground.
Gubment Building.

For $30 we got a pot of Ginger Peach tea, and the Victorian spread.
A ridiculous deal, if I ever saw one.

They had a gd HARPIST for crying out loud.
There were finger sandwiches, and roll ups, and a tiramisu kind of thing.

There were a few different kinds of scones with jam, mascarpone spread, and lemon curd. (Lemon curd!!)
This curry deviled quail egg?

God, I love eating cute and miniature food.
Even the sugar cubes were whimsical. Not really cube-y at all.
Rustic cubes.

I’m usually not a fan of chocolate covered strawberries.
Fruit and chocolate don’t generally do it for me.
But this was nice.
A perfect strawberry in January.
Chiclet teeth marks.

After tea, I spent some time reading, then got ready for my next date for the day.
My friend Samantha picked me up to go to Indulge.
There, we had a series of meats and cheeses..
Including some sort of duck breast with jam, Marcona almonds, and goat cheese.
And my new favorite cheese, Purple Haze Chevre.
Then some truffles, of course.

Samantha and I went to see “Edith Piaf Onstage”.
Box Seats.
Basically, a one woman show of the story of her life, with some of her greatest hits.
She was very good.
But there’s really no duplicating Edith.
One of my favorites? This.

Look at this beautiful theater.
And look at my beautiful date.

Joie de Vivre.
Mine has returned.
Goodness… Where does it go when it goes?