This Planet – Glacier Calving

This Planet – Glacier Calving

I’ve decided to add a new section to this here blog.
A section dedicated to natural things that blow my mind about this world.

Ice calving is the breaking off/apart of a glacier, iceberg, or other mass of ice.
(apparently there are other masses of ice?)
I’ve kind of become a bit fascinated with really really cold places.
Since my bit of research on Antarctica, I’m sort of bemused by it’s being-ness.

I met a man at work a few nights ago..
It was a slow night at the bar, and he came in alone to eat dinner.
(seared ahi tuna and rice)
He was one of those people.. Extremely polite.. Lots of eye contact..
I felt a connection, okay?
We talked about his wish to ski every continent in the world, and how he was well on his way to do so.
He had just come from Japan(where they have over 500 ski resorts[??????]), and he had done it alone.
We talked about how the planning of a trip to Antarctica had probably caused his divorce..
Something he didn’t see coming from anywhere.
He met a woman in Japan that he connected with, too, and had sent a picture of his seared ahi to her during the course of our conversation.
He smiled thoughtfully as he told me she “wished to prepare him a meal.”
We talked about how life was all about connection.
I told him about my worldly cooking endeavor.
He showed me pictures of a Japanese BBQ he went to on his phone.
We talked about trying new things, and about how there was so much out in the world to see and do.

I love talking to strangers like that.
With familiarity.
Jim. If you’re out there..
You’re one of those people that makes life feel like a choreographed dance.
Thank you for popping in and out of my life from Atlanta.

I digress.

This video of the largest ice calving caught on film is mind blowing.
The earth.. Moving, and adjusting, and freaking me out on a cellular level.