GARDEN. POST. First of 2013!

GARDEN. POST. First of 2013!

It’s that time of year again, folks!
So many seeds, so little time!
Seriously, I should have planted these little seeds a couple of weeks ago, but nay.
It was not to be.
They’ll be fine. Or not! Whatever. It’s a crapshoot, and I’m willing to gamble my little face off!

I had all these plans to buy a greenhouse that looked like this:
I was going to buy little Dixie cups, and I have some dirt, and had plans with lamps and all sorts of things.
But when I went back to Home Depot, it appeared that they were all sold out.

I had to move on to the next best thing..
They had these mini greenhouse trays on clearance.
Seedlings 019
Little discs of dirt that you wet and poke holes in.
Little to no effort.
Just how I like things.

Seedlings 011

We found an old rusty metal shelving unit in my basement, and lugged it upstairs.
Perfect fit for my Southewestern facing kitchen window.

Seedlings 006

I have yet another tray in my dining room.. But there is no lamp.
I bought two more light bulbs, but upon entering my home, Brad dropped one on the sidewalk.
I did quite enjoy the sound it made.

Smashing light bulbs is a noise I came to love after living with my punk rock roommate for a couple of years.
He liked to break things in our basement between jam sessions with his band “Profusely Bleeding Angel Piss.”
A moniker I took huge issue with on account of the scientific impossibility.
Angel myth aside, urine can’t bleed.

The other light bulb I purchased has a stray broken shard on the inside.
I knew I shouldn’t have bought it when I noticed the dust that had collected on its packaging.


UPDATE: OOOOH! And as if by some twist of fate, the community plot I signed up for has contacted me today to sign up again as soon as I posted this!
community urban gardening for the win!