Garden Post!

Garden Post!

It’s been a while since I posted about my little babies.
But trust me, I’ve been working.
They grew in my house for a few months..
They grew and grew.

Juan built me some boxes.
Three to be exact.
They have removable sides in case I want to really get in there.
(which i do)
Juan is a good man. And handy.

Brad and Juan filled the boxes with dirt and compost I had ordered from a local company.
They dumped it right on the lawn..
It was very nice of them because I was wounded, and the doctor specifically told me not to garden.
I really like not having staph infections.
Speaking of that sliced hand meat I had..
Totally sealed up in a week.
And that shit kind of creeps me out.

We re-potted the tomatoes, chocolate peppers, and tomatillos before I left for North Carolina.
My yard looked a little haggard.
Dingy yard.
The first couple of days burned my tomatoes a bit.
It worried me, but they are kicking hard!
I did lose some tomatillos.. And the peppers weren’t happy, either.
We had a lot of rain while I was away, and there was a bit of a mold issue.

I planted the troppers a few days ago, along with beets, carrots, and a mini watermelon plant.
I decided to keep my leeks comfortable between my boxes. They seem to be happy where they are.

Juan found a couch on the side of the road, so for a couple of days we were these people.

My vacation, the weather(it’s been cold), and my gross hand kept be from going to the community garden, too.
Hide House Garden.

Community Garden.

Sarah has a box that she’s planted peas and beans in.
Sarah and her bean teepee.
Something has already started munching her beans.
Sarah's Beans.

We put chicken wire all around it.
Someone stole one of my plots, so I had to grab a different one.
In their defense, the boxes are poorly labeled, and they could have just been confused.

We had a couple of helpers yesterday.
This gregarious robin.. (who kept stealing all of my worms)
And this dang baby.
Who was named Dharma.
And was very cute.
garden 00555

All of my thingsies are in the ground now…
So it’s time to wait and see.


I’ll have to do a proper presentation of the community garden!
It’s very, very cool..