CHVRCHES at Lincoln Hall, Chicago.

CHVRCHES at Lincoln Hall, Chicago.

CHVRCHES came to Chicago a few months ago, and I missed it.
I took off work, and then realized I had forgotten to buy tickets.
The real injustice was getting off of work, and realizing where I could have been…
(had the show not been sold out, and had i not been an hour and half away from it)

But! All was not lost! They came again.

So I rented a sweet ride, and made my way down to Chicago.
I ate sushi with an old friend, then headed to the concert.

It was short, but oh-so-sweet.
This band hasn’t even come out with their first album, and they already have a huge following.
Two weeks, they say.
I am very excited.
I heard another song from the album that I am just in love with.

The place was intimate, and the lighting was fantastic, and the crowd was just all around chill.

The only thing about this video…
It doesn’t really capture the heavy humming bass during this song.
Right at the beginning? (which was not the beginning of the song, mind you)
That build up..