Havenwoods was something I saw on a map of Wisconsin.
I kind of glossed over the directions on how to get there, but as I was driving, I realized it was directly in a super urban part of the city.
Actually, in a not great neighborhood at all.
We turned the corner to our destination, and right near the projects, was a steep-ish driveway and a big sign..
This place/trail is small/short. But such an amazing little gem right smack dab in the middle of things.

It was interesting.. A tiny forest surrounding a large meadow, with interweaving trails.

On the South end of the trail, there was an empty pond. We have gotten very little rain this year. *sadface*

In the forest, there were also public gardens, and an Environmental Awareness Center. I did not go into the Center. I’M AWARE, OKAY.
One thing I’m aware of, specifically, is that each park/forest I’ve been to in the past few weeks each have their own ecosystems happening.. (i mean.. duh. watch me science all over your asses.)
There were all kinds of yellow butterflies fluttering around this one, and a million of these…

I got to get a little photoggy. Togs.

At Horicon, on the trail, there were a million Wild Parsnip plants.
Wild Parsnip is a highly invasive plant that will burn the shit out of your skin. So much so, that there are warning signs everywhere.
I did some reading, and as it turns out, it’s some crazy alien plant that secretes juices onto you, and when hit with ultra-violet light, basically turns to acid.

I would have taken a picture of the field, but we were being attacked by large insects at the time, and I thought it rude to my delicious friend to stop.

Here’s the forest part.

The Wisconsin DNR map isn’t really doing me the best.
I think I might purchase a new book.
(geeeeh… i just looked into finding a wisconsin parks book. there are not many to choose from…booooo.)
(by ‘looked into’ i mean i looked on the barnes and noble website for 5 seconds while writing this post.)
(i can do better than that. i know i can.)

Oh! This guy was a little camera shy.