Lapham Peak.

Lapham Peak.

This morning, I took a drive out to Lapham Peak with a friend. When we got to the trail(s) head, it was difficult to decipher which trail was what.
They ranged from a mile and some to almost eight miles.
I have already done a couple of six mile walks, and haven’t really begun to think about anything more.
We were heading up this trail, and the entrance had signs that said it was a ski trail, and not to walk that way. Plus, there was a crazy hill on the first, and I thought we should start with something easier.

We walked a bit on each trail(there were about 6) and decided on the last.
Hardest. Trail. Ever.
At one point, we realized that we were on the only ‘advanced’ trail in Lapham, and it was the 8mile.
Eminem was all, “You gon’ die today.”

Seriously. It was straight up and down. I tried to get a picture of just what we were dealing with, but you can’t really gauge the steep-ass-ocity.
I mean… This part is called “The Wall.”

Clearly someone drop kicked that sign for the nonsense that hill put them through.

After about 35 minutes of rigorous brutality.. We met up with a few other trails. We decided on the Purple Trail.
There was a butterfly garden on it! And I love shit like that!

We saw more butterflies on the walk, however.

Here’s something new.
Don’t know what it is.
Kinda creeps me out.

There were pretty flowers, too.
And other neats.

This hike was major work, but I felt pretty great afterward. Incidentally, we got lost around three times. And made just as many circles.
That butterfly garden that I loved? Got old fast.
We’re in desperate need of some rain, too. It was brown and dry, but saved us from the mosquitoes.
When we got back to my friends house, I was getting ready for work, and put the tank top I had been wearing back on.
After about 10 minutes, I looked down at my leg, and there was a tick. Bleeeeeeeeeeeech. I did not freak my A. I probably would have were it’s head burrowed deep into my flesh…. BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH.

This led into some pretty philosophical discussion about which parasites are the worst. Besides your various penis worms and bot flies, natch.

I’m surprisingly okay with leeches. It has everything to do with ear reattachment procedures. I like my ears where they are, but were they ever to be forcibly removed? Have a leech suck the life back into them, please and thank you.