Kettle Moraine.

Kettle Moraine.

It’s upsetting how many times I forget to bring my camera places.. I probably do it subconsciously.
The pictures I took with my phone today are just as good, if not better, as the ones I can take with my T2i.
I shouldn’t say my T2i.. I mean the lens. DAMN YOU LENS.

Back to Kettle Moraine. (sorry.. south kettle moraine. i’m going to need to visit the north sometime..)
Waaaaay back in 1995, a friend of my brother’s took me out to visit Scuppernong Springs. I fell in love immediately.
I generally go back to visit the springs at least once a year.
This year, I’ve decided to make it a mission to visit all sorts of parks, and walk all sorts of trails on any day that I have time. There’s really so much to see in my own hour wide radius! I can’t believe how much I’ve limited myself. Sobriety really opens things up.

Anyway. I ramble.

At the head of our first trail, we had the pleasure of spotting three large Sandhill cranes.. One of them was the color of rust. I don’t think I got that one on camera, and you can barely see the other two.. But they were tall, and gleepy, and totally freaked out by our presence.

One this particular trail, there are the ruins of a sawmill, a trout farm, and a hotel. I can’t remember where the trout farm is, so I don’t have pictures of that. But I assure you that it’s neat.
This is something. Don’t ask me what.

This is something else. A wall. That someone has ruined. Why does someone always have to ruin things that are nice and old and pretty to look at? GET OFF MY LAWN.

We finished the first trail, and it was so short, decided to take on another. This one was waaaaaaaay more work, and it was hot outside!

It was long, and was mostly made up of inclines. (how?! i don’t get it.) The trails were wider, though, so you didn’t get as much nature on you as the first. (nature is so gross, you guys.)

We were rewarded with a super out of the way kind of okay overlook. It’s fine. We should always work harder, right?
(i love how i can look at something all beautiful and shit, and be all, “boo. seen it.” I’m the best.

Oh, and we found this in the middle of nowhere.
I can’t even begin to venture a guess………

Are they dead?! ARE THEY DEAD IN THERE?! What if someone’s killing off all the fats?! (they missed a couple.)