I went back to Lapham Peak last night for a 3 hour walk around to discover new things. I’m convinced that I could go there 18 more times, and still not see the whole park.

I found this again, but it was from a whole new angle, and seemed extra charming.

Here’s a moth.
He thought he was stealth.

The flowers even seemed a little more lively in this light.

I was talking to myself a few days ago, and questioning why I hadn’t seen a deer yet. I do tend to walk in the mornings, and I’m not sure if deer are nocturnal? I’m not going to look it up. (I’m pretty sure they are)
I saw two on this hike.
Though.. I’m a little deercist. They kind of all look alike to me? They were super skinny, which can probably be attributed to the fact that there has been no rain.
They weren’t scared of us at all..
Which makes me think that they were skinny on account of the rabies.

Side Note: Many years ago, I had a friend who was really into renting movies from the library. She would get the weirdest ones. Always.
We watched a movie once called ‘Rabid’. Certainly made in the 70s, a woman gets in a car crash, then ends up in a field and gets bit by…? You never see.
She spends a decent amount of time in the hospital, and when it’s all over, she has what looks to be a vagina in her armpit that houses a… Penis with a claw on it?
Whatever. She kills people that way.
That movie always stuck with me, and sometimes I think that if I go hiking alone, I’m going to end up with a vaginapit. Or a compound fracture and my phone in the car.
…Speaking of fears!

I’m terrified of heights.
I decided this year that I was going to get over that shit. Mind over matter.
We actually explored the Peak on this visit to Lapham.
The plan was to watch the sunset from the tower at 8:35.
We got there at 5:30, walked until 7, then went for the tower. The tower is set on the highest hill in Lapham.
A town, and tower, that has been named after this guy.

HIS NAME IS INCREASE. I love it more than I can express.
Also, he is an “eminent scientist and useful citizen.”
Dope. This guy was for real.

As we were ascending the stairs in the tower.. (which I realize I should have gotten a picture of that, too..)
We met a woman who told us, “Oh, you must be healthy. You have great teeth.”
I felt like maybe she was going to harvest them and wear them in rows like a shark.
Here are some views from the top of the tower.

There were also a few inspirational messages left for onlookers.
This one resonated the most with me.

I just want to say that my heights thing is still live in the cut. I fought with everything I am to not feel like the floor was going to crumble beneath my feet, or the wind was going to take me over the side, but to no avail.
It was immediate and very real.
That woman we met on the first landing joined us at the top… I thought maybe she would push us over. (easy tooth pickens)
When we first ascended the stairs, I thought a bit about going back up to actually watch the sunset.
Once was quite enough.

There was a staircase to more trails next to the tower, and we took it. Coming back up made me feel like my heart was going to explode.

We did end up seeing a bit of the sunset.

I took this one on our way out, and I like it.

As we were driving out of the park, I wanted to check out what kinds of things were being held at the Summer Stage.
It’s 300yards up the ski hill, and holds concerts every Friday and Saturday night.
And if you’re into the complete word of God.. Abridged?
You can see that, too.

A comedy about the bible..
I’m actually surprised that Lapham would allow such a thing.

All in all, it was a wonderful hike.
I got to spend time with a friend from Boston.
We laughed, we cried, we talked about life and the endless search for happiness..
Sometimes it’s right there in front of you..
With a lady that has a wicker basket filled with teeth.