Milwaukee County Zoo.

Milwaukee County Zoo.

Going through my parents old photographs, I found a box filled with 700 zoo slides. (Yes, slides)
It borderline infuriated me. I thought maybe there might be something important in there, so I went through examining each and every one. There was not.
I always wondered what kind of person would just take shots of animals at the zoo, and keep all of them. Especially now.. With the internet. And actual photos/video of animals in the wild.

Yesterday, I found myself taking pictures of all kinds of animals while at the zoo. About an hour in, I realized what I was doing, and cut it out.
However.. There were a couple of noteworthy things. (not just a fuckin’ zebra standing there and doing nothing.)

For instance.. We thought this monkey was pregnant.
I’ll give you one reason it is not.

And just because I love elephants.. (LOVE)
This one did all sorts of fun showy things.
Until he rolled up in front of us and pooped.
(Always with me)
Action shot! (not the pooping)

In the Small Mammal House, a boy was using a peacock feather on the glass in front of the Cotton Topped Tamarins…
(The amount of love I have for these animals is teeth-grindy)
(p.s. any nerd will tell you that the star wars with the ewoks is the worst one, but i know better because i’m a girl who likes cute things, and not a nerd.)

Anyway.. This kid was using this peacock feather, and one by one, the Tamarins began to gather.
There was a chorus of “ooohs,” and “ahhhs.”
I kept my squeal to a low rumble in my chest.

The boy’s mother kept saying, “Oh, I think you should put that away now.” She fidgeted nervously, and swatted at his hand.
I couldn’t tell if she didn’t want the attention, she thought the zookeepers might be angry, or she thought there might be some sort of monkey uprising.
The best part was the king’s(i assume) little hands on the glass.

No butts about it.. Sometimes there’s a weird adult woman wearing mom jeans that is transfixed by robotic dinosaurs. And no matter how many times you speak loudly about taking a photograph, she will not move.