Drag Show.

Drag Show.

No one did this song, sadly.

Two nights ago, I went to a drag show after hiking all day, and then working. It was a long day.

A few years ago (four, to be exact), I went to a drag show in Chicago for a friend’s bachelorette party. Today was her anniversary.
I have been to quite a few since then.. Including one in San Francisco.
The Chicago show was hands down the best show in the history of drag. The ladies were so on point, and so attractive, that after a super sexy rendition of this little ditty..

My very straight guy friend(he was a bridesman) exclaimed, “I WILL FUCK A MAN TONIGHT.” He meant it. (he didn’t)

I don’t mean to preface this super fun night with a story about a different one.. This was fun in a new way.
First of all..
Drag queens really like it when you take their picture.

This was a lesson in discomfort for me, because my comfort zone is children who forget the camera is there, and friends who are just hanging out.
Not strangers who want to eyefuck you through your camera hole.

It was nice trying to practice how to work with cabaret lighting. It’s pretty difficult to gauge when these women would be dancing closer to me, or further away.. Leaving me to scramble with the settings. That was a fun challenge. Lighting is hard.

Some pictures worked out more than others.

I’m still having a bit of difficulty with a crisp point of focus.. This lady got all up in my grill later (as all of them did) but I couldn’t get a lock on her face with the back lighting the way it was.

I dig Nicki Minaj. The hipster in me begs me not to, but I love pretty much everything she does. She makes me feel aggressive. Something I’m generally not, unless we’re talking about the passive variety.
You can imagine the excitement when I was presented with Asian Drag Nicki.

By far my favorite.

Sometimes the ladies just aren’t pretty. Which would be fine on it’s own, but when lighting issues arise, they might exacerbate the situation.
Bringing me to the single most terrifying photograph I, or probably anyone else on this earth, have taken.

*kisses you all good night*