Harrington Beach.

Harrington Beach.

I like being so busy I barely have time to post things.
The downside to that is that my house is suffering.
Pretty sure there are dos tortilla chip bags open and stale in my living room. Ahhh, bachelorette life.

As I count the days to my vacation (there are less than 6), I’m going to fill them with all of the things I can.

A few days ago, after my weekend of weddings, I went hiking with a friend in Harrington Beach. I brought my point and shoot because I still had it in my purse, and left my real one at home.
Yet another charming little place, and we stayed mostly around the quarry. We saw a couple of deer there, but because I’m in one of the pictures, and not looking as sexy as I would like, I’m going to do y’all a favor and not post it. (for reference purposes, i’m giving the deer my deuces. he is very close.)(i only hang out with rabid deer.)

There’s something so magical about the sun coming through the trees. Something secret. Something that moves the hair at the back of your neck, and makes your blood move a bit faster. It makes me feel like a part of something bigger, but separate at the same time. I like that feeling.

I’ve seen these little areas with fencing around them all over the parks I’ve been. This one explained why.. (for this patch, anyway..)
Deer eat Cedar saplings.
…..I might have just looked up what baby trees are called. Wiki Answers said this to me. “Saplings you goon/idiot/goof/douche…” I lol’d…..
As I was saying. Deer eat cedar saplings. If they didn’t protect some of them while they were young and prone, there wouldn’t be any cedars left. I suppose that could go for any kind of plant that animals were eating to the point of extinction. And that’s why I see those cages all over. It can’t just be cedars. Right? Right…?

This guy was as big as half my hand, and wounded. Throes.
His body moved like a kid in a potato sack race.
Unnerving and awkward.
I thought maybe, for a second, that I could place him on my finger for comparison purposes, but even the thought of it now makes my gag reflex kick into high gear.

On our drive home, we came to a farm town intersection.
Lake Church and County P. Hehehehe. County P.