It’s my jam.

It’s my jam.

Last weekend I visited my neighborhood farmer’s market.
My friend Sarah and I walked there early in the morning before I had to go to work.
I realized that though I love farmer’s markets A LOT, this was only the second visit this year.
The season is almost over!
In my defense, it’s been too hot for most of the summer to cook, and I’ve been motoring all around Southeastern Wisconsin too much to care.
The Bay View farmer’s market has so much going on at it. So much so, that my friend and I were instantly irritated.
Like, why do people think this place is a dog party?
There was seriously a 5-1 ratio of people to dogs. Big ones, too.
I’m not really a dog person.
(don’t get mad when i say that, dog people.. i like dogs just fine.. i just don’t like when people assume that i like them fine enough for their furred friends to get all up in my personal space without permission.)
(‘haha! look at him! he’s licking you, and rubbing his long white hairs all over your black pants! isn’t he cute?’)
My friend Sarah is a dog person.. But she agreed that there is a time and a place for a pooch party.
A sea of humanity and foods for sale doesn’t feel to me like a dog place.
My irritation level kept me from photographing some of the delights that I discovered on my short journey..
For instance, on this table here, there were tiny fruits covered in paper (not unlike a tomatillo) called ‘ground cherries’.

The ground cherry is part of the nightshade family and also go by the name ‘Chinese Lantern.”
However, while I was learning some botany things, and popping a ball(giggles) into my mouth, a couple sidled me.
Uhh.. Try one, dickbags.
I fled the scene, and didn’t purchase a one! THOUGH IT WAS DELISH.
Maybe this is one of the reasons I’m not on any neighborhood committees.
I can’t be neighborly.

Here’s something else I’d like to try..
Garlic Scapes.
Apparently it’s like cooking with green onions that taste like garlic.
Sure. I’d go for something like that.

This mushroom table made me want to perfect a beef stroganoff recipe.
Or, “Strokin’ Off,” as my old roommate used to call it.
Maybe an amazing cream of mushroom soup?
Goodness, I love mushrooms.

Sarah and I split the BEST pumpkin and cream cheese muffin.

Our main objective was to find peaches for Sarah.
It’s peach season, and she was intent on making peach jam.

I bought some plums, but they didn’t come in such a cute bag.
I still haven’t been to Door County, but everything I know about it screams for me to visit.

When we took the peaches out of the bag, it suddenly looked(to me) as if we didn’t have enough.
Sarah suggested we walk to the store to get more. (WHAT’S WITH ALL THE WALKING?)
On our way, the street around the corner of my house had been closed off for an impromptu skateboarding party, and grill out. (i love my neighborhood. sans committees.)
14 year old me was giddy.. 32 year old me played it cool.
I suddenly wished I had brought my camera.. I should get used to bringing it everywhere.
Anyway, we decided, based on the ripeness of the fruit at The Outpost, that we were going to add pluots to our peach jam.

I like making people laugh when they’re holding sharp objects.
It’s better than making them angry.

To get the skins off of our peaches, we boiled them for a minute, then threw them in an ice bath.
The skins peel right off.

We actually made two separate batches of jam..
One with jalapenos. (i seriously can’t get enough of it)
This round of canning was a lesson in pectin use.
Actually, all of them have been..
My strawberry jalapeno jam never set.
Jessica and I have plans to dump all of the jars, add more pectin, and re-can.

The plain peach and pluot set beautifully, whereas the peach jalapeno was a little tight for me..
Jessica disagreed. I guess we all have our things.

Yesterday, I finally got around to making my plum jam.
I had a couple of leftover pluots, and added those as well.
I had my heart set on a plum rosewater compote recipe I found on these fine internets.
Unfortunately, all of the grocery stores I went to, including my favorite Asian market, didn’t carry food grade rosewater.
I absolutely fell in love with rosewater lemonade when I tried Middle Eastern food for the first time in high school.
There was this cute little corner spot called Abu’s on the Eastside.. I thought I was the coolest for knowing about it.
It’s since closed, and that makes my heart a little sad.
Instead of the rosewater compote, I seasoned my plum jam with apple pie spice(a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cardamom) and lemon zest.
What happened was a little magic that tastes exactly like Christmas.
Jessica and I decided to call it “Sugar Plum Fairy.”

It got me excited for mittens, and snow, and Mexican hot chocolate. Gaaaaaaah.

Speaking of pectin woes..
My cherry, champagne grape, and jalapeno stuff didn’t set either.
It’s the most perfect glaze/syrup/sauce, however.
I found these amazing cinnamon sugar ‘tortas’ at The Outpost.
The combination of my cherry glaze and goat cheese on top of them?

I’ve also decided that I need to glaze a pork tenderloin in this stuff sometime in the near future.
Maybe served next to a couscous salad with garlic scapes in it?
As always.. The possibilities are endless.