Bay View Farmer’s Market, Take Two.

Bay View Farmer’s Market, Take Two.

I had this big plan to go to the market today and be all zen about it.
Things looked promising when I spotted a new attraction at the mouth of the market.
A bubble tea trailer.
Cutest little red balloon.

I just realized the real star of this photo is the woman on the left.
Her shirt is phenomenal!
What’s even happening there?!

It was a million degrees out this morning.
A million.
I can’t imagine being wedged in that little red trailer with two other people.

Something was wrong with the blender, too.
The guy wasn’t thrilled when I ordered a mix of pineapple and passion fruit.
So delicious, and worth waiting the forever times for.

I liked the way these looked.
All chaotic and beautiful.

I found that table with the ground cherries again.
There was one basket left.
Guess what?
Nobody picks the last dude for the team on purpose.

I decided that I’m going to find some seeds to grow these myself next year.
I’m also going to grow some patty pans.
They’re cute and yummy.

My zen moments were overrun by strollers, and people unaware of their surroundings.
I also found zero that I wanted to actually take home with me.

On a positive note..
They opened a new Alterra right by my house.
Old Bay View was in an uproar about it, because Old Bay View wants Bay View to stay the way it is, and the hip new folks want it to have awesome coffee shops, and trendy clothing stores. (Sparrow Collective and ReThreads.)
I’m part of the new Bay View, so I’m all for it.
Plus, Alterra has a Veggie Pesto Breakfast Burrito that I could murder people for.
Any people, really.