Breakfast Post.

Breakfast Post.

A few days ago, I was left to my own devices in a friend’s house.
I hadn’t had my coffee yet.
It took me 10 minutes to find hers, then six to destroy her freshly mopped kitchen.
I forgot to put that plastic thing in that holds the filter, then tried to ninja the filter out with my fingers(after it was filled with boiling hot water).
It resulted in sort of a coffee sludge spilling directly around, in, over, and under the pot.
10 minutes I spent cleaning that coffee maker.
I thought I’d have another go..
I poured more water(about a pot’s worth) into the machine.. Forgetting I had already done that.
Good thing the coffee maker was sitting on top of a microwave that was, at the time, thawing some frozen berries.
My friend had returned by then, so she had the pleasure of watching me ruin her brand new apartment.
She dismissed me from the kitchen to handle my chaos before I went all Hulk SMASH on the joint.

This morning, my coffee filter tipped and made it so my coffee was like water.
After seeing what I could actually do to a pot of coffee, this minor nuisance didn’t seem so bad.

Mornings. Love ’em.

It seems I only have time to cook things for breakfast.
Planning has never been my bag.
Apparently, neither is grocery shopping.
The following are three egg dishes made in a super half-assed way with limited ingredients.

For the sweet potatoes here, I threw together some sweetened coconut, coconut oil, poblano peppers, a little cayenne, and some salt and pepper. I baked them in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes.
The omelette contained avocado, green onion, and a little Sriracha.

This next plate is just an egg scramble with a little bit more Sriracha, chopped spinach, and a little goat cheese.
I made a cabbage and carrot slaw with a little bit of champagne blush vinegar, and a few drops of olive oil.
The grapes.. Well. I didn’t do anything to those.

This morning, I decided to make a sweet potato hash.
Again.. Limited ingredients.
Is it really a hash if it’s just diced potato, cayenne, coconut oil, and fresh thyme?
I mean.. What kind of cook doesn’t have one frigging onion?
At least my thyme is resilient. (i have murdered my dill and my cilantro)

It was pretty and super healthy.
Not a total loss.