Farmer’s Market In My Backyard.

Farmer’s Market In My Backyard.

I thought my beets were getting a little hectic like C&C Music Factory, so I decided to roll out and see what’s what.
A couple of days ago I did a little reading about how and when to pick your beets.
I guess I had higher expectations.
I assumed (ass out of you and me) that there would be more?
I thought, based on the size and length of the greens, that they would be huge, and I had waited too long.
That was not the case.

I guess the smaller ones are sweeter, anyway.
So that’s a plus.
I have some leftover goat cheese in the fridge, and might make a salad for dinner at work tonight.
We’ll see how ambitious I get.
(it’s a sad day when turning the oven on, and wrapping a beet in tinfoil is considered ambitious.)

I popped these guys in my mouth straight off the vine.
They were sweet and juicy.

Look how sexy this motherfuckin’ garden is!
Feast your eyes!

And here it is.
La pièce de résistance!
I pulled this carrot effortlessly from it’s earthy home.

It’s too much.
I ate that, too.
With mah mouth.