Yesterday morning I met my oldest friend’s newest boy.
He was just two hours old.
He doesn’t have a name yet.
His hair is thick, and soft, and jet black.

They’re pretty.

Brendan went and got some goodies for Samantha at her new favorite bakery, Amaranth.

She offered to share, but I know better.

Afterward, I went to spend time with more babies.
It was beautiful outside, and we decided to take full advantage.
We went to a pumpkin farm in West Bend.

There were plenty of things to buy..

I told myself not to buy anything..

But they had these light green pumpkins..
I kept going over and touching them..
But telling myself that I would be out of town..
That I hadn’t cleaned my house.
And that I couldn’t buy perishable decorative items.
But then I found these.

And all bets were off.

I left them in Jessica’s car.
Of course.

You guys.
There was a petting zoo.
Prettiest petting zoo you ever did see.
With unbelievably friendly animals.

Look at this happy motherfucker right here.


Say hello to your mother for me..

How much do I want a llama?
A billion. That’s how much.

I can’t even decide which pic is better.
This one delivers more of the sarcasm I think lives in a llama heart.

This guy just looks regal, doesn’t he?(she?)

We drove to find another farmer’s market, and got a little lost.
But we found this bridge off of Sleepy Hollow Road. (not a lie)

The sunlight against that rusting metal..
The leaves changing, and growing over those beams..
A reminder that all is well, and things.. They go on.
It goes on. And on. And on.
Welcoming this 9lb 14oz bundle of lumpy joy, and seeing the twins grow, and develop little personalities.
My friends with their families.. Growing.
Brad gets smarter, and funnier by the second..

It’s overwhelming sometimes.
The gravity of it all.