Glen Hansard.

Glen Hansard.

I saw this with my own eyes on Friday.
I sang, too. Can you hear me?
Probably not. There was a weird-beard behind me that was super into having a duet with Glen.
There were actually a lot of weirds at that show.
Again.. No judgments. Just observation.

He was at my favorite place to hear music in Milwaukee.
And he put on the most wonderful show.
I recommend seeing him to any and all people everywhere.

He took a fan on stage.
Not the one behind me that reaaaally wanted to go..
Other chick was good.

Then.. He took away the microphone.

Here’s something odd.
There were the most scream-chatters at this concert than any other concert I’ve been to.
One actually asked, “HOW WAS JAZZ FEST?”
And when Glen(we’re on a first name basis) looked at him like, “For real?”
The guy continued, “IN NEW ORLEANS.”
What the?