Indian Summer

Indian Summer

This weekend I went to Indian Summer at the Summerfest grounds.
It’s a festival to celebrate Native American culture. (one of my faves)
All summer there are different cultural festivals that I’m going to make more of an attempt to go to next year.
I’ve been to most over the course of my life.. But you know. Drunk, or whatever.
Our prime directive when we got there was an Indian taco.
Basically, Indian frybread with taco stuff on top.
The first one we had was from Autie Ne Ne’s.

Mega delicious.
Frybread is like.. A giant unsweetened doughnut. It’s got this crispy, buttery outside.. And this dense, but fluffy inside.
A lot of people just get the bread, and cover it in honey. RAWR. IN MAH MOUTH YOU GO.
Directly afterward, we had a frybread pizza.
This is something new to me.. And something I’m not going to do again.
I mean.. Maybe if the sauce wasn’t just canned tomato sauce, and some cheese just haphazardly thrown onto it..
No. Even then. Why mess with a good thing?

We decided then to hit up the North end pow wow.
And now I’m about to blow your face off with a BUNCH of photos.

Look! There’s Miss Wisconsin!!!! (did not see her in the actual thing..)
She’s Native. I’m pretty sure the first Native to be Miss Wisconsin?? Maybe? (i’ll do the research. promise.)

This guy sat like, a foot away from me. Hocrap, was he amazing.

I’m not naming names(mostly because I don’t know his), but this dude is a tattle tale.
A little bit of soul stealing never hurt anyone, m’kay?

And here are my favorite shots from the pow wow.
Like.. Favoritest.
Love them.

These two little girls just jumped right in to the grand entry.
Kudos, pretty ladies.

The pow wow lasted a long time, so we dipped early. I only had a couple of hours before work.
We ate another taco.

And did some shopping.
I was tempted, but did not buy anything.

All in all, we packed in some major culture in just a few hours.
My friend Sarah is going to go over these pictures I post so I can get a more accurate depiction of each tribe, and whatnot..
So if you’re reading this.. Come back to it in a few days, and I’ll be able to tell you more things.