Cadillac Mountain.

Cadillac Mountain.

In Maine, I went to the top of a mountain in Acadia.
Cadillac Mountain.

It was cloudy, and foggy, and grey.
Somehow, it made the journey so much more magical.

It’s interesting..
The music on Maine radio left much to be desired, and there was no iPod connection in our rental car.
For some reason..
On this mountain journey..
A radio station came in that played all the right songs.

We drove about 2mph the entire time, with zero visibility in front of us..
But there were these weird patches of clarity.

And the trees.. And leaves.
They made my heart swell.

At the summit, I took one of my favorite photos of the trip.
One that I’m going to hang on my wall.

As we came down, we knew we had just experienced something amazing..
We couldn’t see for miles, but we saw so much more.
At the base, there was a pond with grasses, and a misty view of the side of the mountain.
The reds, and the fog that hung in the air were a beautiful juxtaposition.

We left the radio on, as we traipsed down to the water’s edge.

And then it began to rain.