Sanford, and Lamb.

Sanford, and Lamb.

I got an email invitation a couple of months ago for a farm dinner put together by the restaurant Sanford.
I’ve only been to Sanford once, but it was an excellent experience.
I don’t remember ever signing up for anything there…
It’s one of the most famous restaurants in Milwaukee, and was just sold by Sandy D’Amato to his chef de cuisine, Justin Aprahamian.
I’ll have to return now that he’s in charge.
The email was for a family style dinner that included “lamb-itizers” and craft beer.
I knew it would sell out quickly, so I bought my tickets fast.

I took Kate and Lenore, and on the way we stopped at a taxidermy museum.
(of course)
There was the most adorable man there, that used to dig in Montana for dinosaur bones.
We talked to him for a good while.
Taxidermy Museum.


When we pulled up at Pinn-Oak Farm, the tables had already been set.

Tables Set.
The grill was already going.
And the menu was full of delectable treats!

My favorite was the lamb heart wrapped in bacon with fig and apricot.
Oh, Nelly, was that good.

Our table was full of excellent people.
Two accountants, a couple with a sizable age difference, and a couple that we absolutely adored, and a man named Scott.
Lenore called attention to the age difference in front of the table, and the accountant to the left of me couldn’t stop looking at me and laughing about it.
Mouth agape, looking both shocked and amused!

At the table, we all talked about how we don’t know where we signed up for Emails.
Then joked about how this was the beginning of a horror movie, and there might be a lamb uprising.

Kate and I met a man on our way to the bathroom that told us he no longer worked in the slaughterhouse because he has mental problems and his doctor told him to stay away from knives and guns. Now he feeds and waters the sheep.
So. That guy’s in the movie for sure.

We decided Scott would have been the murderer. (he was the odd man out)

The lambs were right behind the house that we sat in front of.
I loved this car.
The neighbors have a beautiful farm, too.

All in all, an excellent adventure.
I have another farm dinner coming up in August that I absolutely can’t wait for!