A Wedding, And A Camping Trip. (Black River Falls, Old World Wisconsin, And Wazee Lake.)

A Wedding, And A Camping Trip. (Black River Falls, Old World Wisconsin, And Wazee Lake.)

It’s been some time since I have posted.
This is both directly related to how busy I am, while simultaneously mentally lazy.
The last of my Summer has been filled with many adventures..
I lost a cat and a car, gained a syndrome, and roommate, and have devised many future plans.

The cat? I miss her face. Sometimes hear her in the house.
Sad when I realize I don’t.
Soft kitty, warm kitty.

The car? No attachment.. But I have been driving around Juan’s band van in the interim.
The van is white, and extra large, and incites jeers from my peers along the lines of, “Are you a Lady Rapist?” or.. “Can you only get in an out of the passenger side?” Followed by relentless giggles.
It amuses me.

I went to an air show.

I went camping and hiking with friends after their wedding at Black River Falls.
Cutest wedding on Earth.
Held at Old World Wisconsin.

Cute Sue was cute.
And these people were one of the prettiest couples I’ve seen in life.
I could not look them in the eye.

And so we camped.
We had a whole group site to ourselves, and even though the smell of the outhouse permeated the place, it was wonderful.

We hiked, and went off the trail, and saw bear shit.. Literally. We saw bear shit in the woods.
I only took this picture, because we had gotten lost, and I had no water left, so my mind was basically focused on maybe who I was going to have to eat first..
But there were things I have never seen in there..
I have never just been in the straight up forest. InSIDE of it.
Misty Forest.

We toasted leftover cupcakes..

And talked about all the horror movies we love, and which ones we hate..

We swam at Wazee Lake.
Where whales beached, and a modeling career began.

It’s been a full and productive summer.
I’m kind of glad it’s coming to a close.
I’m excited to slip into fall, and focus more on what happens next.