Campground Memories..

Campground Memories..

Juan and I took the girls, Isa and Brad, camping at Ottawa Lake.
Ottawa has become a sort of special place for Brad and I.
I try to take her there as often as possible while I have her during the summer.
This year, it’s been so uncharacteristically cold, there have not been many swimming days..
Though we have gotten up to some pretty good stuff.

I took the ladies there first, and Juan met us later.
Dang work, always getting in the way of things.

We rented a campsite that turned out to be the most awesome.
There was a little tree house.. And the tree trunks were covered in teeny tiny mushrooms.
And I mean covered!
It only lasted a day. A magic for only us.

The girls swam in the lake..
We had it all to ourselves..

While I tried to snap shots of my little best friends.
(i lured them with cheezits)
Gregarious Squirrel.

That night, I grilled tortellini.
I’m saying that everyone should try it.
Tortellini skewered with mushrooms and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, and grilled until crisp.
Oh, man. It was a hit.

We took a walk, and saw a snake..
The girls put on a sunset show at the little outdoor amphitheater.

We played with the dryers in the bathroom.

That night, we watched the Perseid Meteor Shower.
An event that I would watch every year with my father.
It’s on his birthday, and I think of it as his way of staying with me.
Pretty neat, huh?

In the morning, it was 50degrees.
I made breakfast sandwiches that tasted like Match Light.
Warming up to it.

We went on a hike at Scuppernong Springs that morning..
My favorite.

This is how Brad looks at me often.
It’s because I’m always saying something stupid.
I enjoy it more than I could describe.
Hairy Eyeball.