Door County.

Door County.

Jessica and I took a ladies trip to Door County.
Door County is this, in a nutshell: Cherry farms, terrible wine, boutique shops, fish boils, squeaky cheese curds, and picturesque bluffs on the waterfront.
We hiked, dined, watched/ate a fish boil, shopped, kayaked, swam, and got massaged.

Incidentally, the massage I received made me feel like I was high on drugs for two hours afterward.
Which, I have to tell you, is an interesting concept for a girl who has been sober for 1 year, 4 months, and six days.

I went on a morning hike by myself on the grounds of our hotel.
I heard the caws of hundreds of crows in the trees.. Plotting and planning together.
I was both horrified and thrilled.
Thrilled because it seemed like they were singing for me, and horrified because I thought the song might be about pulling my skin off.

I came upon this bridge.

Then saw three ducks fly from this pier.

We went for a walk on this beach..


We went for a hike at a place called Door Bluff..
The hike was steep and kind of scary, but we didn’t give up.
We saw a stack of stones at the bottom of this cliff, and pushed forward to see it up close.

When we got down to the beach, we found the most surreal scene..
Stacks and stacks of these rocks, with no one around but us.

We would find out later that a woman by the name of Kate Borcherding had done this as an art installation, with a documentary soon to follow. Fantastic.

We went to a fish boil. A Door County tradition since.. Forever?

We kayaked Lake Michigan..
We were supposed to kayak into a cave, which is what I really wanted, but the water was too choppy.
Jessica and I spoke later about how we both knew if we were to tip into the water, there would be no getting back on the boat.

The kids that ran the kayaking tour company were great.
Surfers to the max.. And we’re pretty sure one of them’s name was Anders.
I enjoyed them immensely.

It was a good trip, though I accidentally left my wallet at home, leaving Jessica to foot the bill until we returned, and making it difficult to prove my identity to the officer who pulled me over in Sturgeon Bay for speeding.
“You went to Door County without identification?”

Just an FYI, all you have to do is give an officer your name, and he can look your little picture up on his car computer, so I’m not sure what the big deal is in shaming a 33 year old woman for not having it.

He gave me a warning, so that’s something. :/