Outstanding In The Field.

Outstanding In The Field.

I bought tickets to this farm dinner months and months ago.
I looked forward to it for that many months.
I toyed with the idea of trying to get a job with them, and travel across the country putting on these huge events with delicious foods.

This farm… This farm.
They also have a website, that at the moment seems to be down for maintenance.
Just the most delightful people there.

An intimate dinner of 158 put on by this fellow.
Who arrived on this bus..
Best Bus.
With drinks in this home’s yard.
Food cooked in this kitchen, built that day.

Served on this table.

By this guy.
Karl. With a K.
Placed on our own plates.

And the company.. Well.

To the left, a Green Bay firefighter by the name of Curt.
To the right, an inspiring woman by the name of Peg Cullen.
An artist with a husband that opted out of having children, and chose to make art and teach the masses.
She is a self-defined artist.
She is self-defined.

I think about her often, and our conversation.
She asked if I was a photographer..
Whenever someone asks me that, I stammer.
“I guess so.. Kind of.. I take pictures, and sometimes people pay me to do it?”

It is an idea I’m toying with.
The definition of me.

Photographer, chef, traveler, dreamer, lover, fighter, procrastinator, survivor.
All these words used to describe me..
But when I am pointedly asked about, try to shirk.
A prospect that needs to be explored.