Surfing. With J.

Surfing. With J.

To add a new component of adventure into my world, I’ve decided to start hosting couch surfers.
A website I have found during my endless searches for tips on long-term travel.
Not only will I get to meet people from all sorts of places, but I will start building a reputation for my future travels.
Makes it easier to get on a couch for free when I need it.
Kate, the roommate, is into it.

I got a message from a young woman of 26 who had just moved to Chicago by way of Boston.
She seemed interesting, and fun. She had never been to Milwaukee, and wanted to get lost here.
I picked her up when I got off work on Water Street. Around 11:30.
I have to say that this destination was not on my list of places for her to go.
Water Street is basically our college amateur hour. High heels, and bros.
Not my scene. And it never has been.
I have learned from this first experience that I cannot be bossy, and I need to let my surfer decide what it is they want to do.
If they ask, I can tell, but never until then.
(this sounds familiar)

I drove her around for a bit, stopped at Pizza Shuttle for a bite to eat, then came home.
The next morning, I made french toast bread pudding with toffee sauce. (which i didn’t eat)(holy shit, will power)
Toast Pudding.

We took her to the lakefront by our house.
Then to the art museum, which is quite striking, because we both have memberships.
We had lunch at the Public Market before dropping her at the train station.
She was such a sweetheart, it’s going to be hard to top it.
So genuine, and so kind.
J, Cass, And Kate.

The next morning, I was looking to see if there were surfers out there I could host.
I think I might be addicted.