Are You Cronuts?!

Are You Cronuts?!

My last night in Reykjavik, I spent $16 on a cronut. Accidentally. This sort of thing can happen in Iceland. One place will be acceptable, and then you’re paying $16 for a cronut a building away.

Now that I’ve arrived in Akureyri, I have a bit more privacy, and time to post. It seemed in Reykjavik that I was always on my way to doing something, or sleeping.

For the first two days, I stayed in a guesthouse in Reykjavik’s center square. It was a small, and well decorated room that I didn’t know how to turn the heat on for day one. Bygones. There are little knobs on the heaters. Duh.

The guesthouse was very cute. It had a shared bathroom and kitchen, and it was on a cobblestone road. The first night was very quiet, too. The second night, there were a few girls/women/ASSHATS that took turns going to each others rooms with music playing on their phones. That lasted until 2am.

On the last day I stayed there, the shower was clogged, so I had to make my way to my first hostel on foot with my pack as an unsavory. When I got to my new hostel, I was early, so I left my bag and went wandering for a few hours. (still gross)

I had a felafel, which was gigantic, but flavorless. I liked the guy who sold it to me, though. He gave me shit for asking how he was. “In Europe we don’t say that,” he chastized. “We say hi.”

“How am I? I’m fine.” He said that last bit with a NOBODY CARES vibe.

It was a $10 felafel.

Looks like it would kick any other felafel’s A, right? Meh.

Other foods… Lynsie and I tried this Caramel Pancake.

I had tried a traditional Icelandic pancake on one of the tours I took, and it was just rolled up with raw sugar. I cold have eaten a hundred.

At the idea of adding caramel, I was SO EXCITED. But inside was a huge mass of Skyr.

Remember Skyr, guys? It is. Just. Yogurt.

So while this looks hecka good, imagine eating a giant mouthful of plain Greek yogurt that destroys your caramel pancake dreams.

A huge thing in Iceland are hot dogs. Have I spoken about my love for hot dogs?

I am in love with hot dogs. Have always been in love with hot dogs. They are, and will forever be, a treat.

I have had the best two hot dogs of my life here in Iceland.

This was not something I had expected. At all.

This one I had at the famous hot dog stand in Reykjavik’s city center. It was made with lamb and pork, and they grilled the bread on a panini grill. Oh man.

Did I mention that there is pepperoni under that dog?

Here are some fish and chips with the freshest cod ever.

I might go as far to say that I have not had a better fish fry……

Sorry Milwaukee.