So I went to Garlic Fest.
Here it is before anyone got there.
Something I should, and am blogging about, because it’s food, and a fest.
And I have been stockpiling these little photo-documentations, and my computer is getting tired.

I went to Garlic Fest and drank garlic-infused coffee.. (delicious!)(and subtle!)
I had garlic and truffle chocolate.
I ate, basically, 600 heads of garlic.
One of them whole.
A whole roasted elephant garlic head.
There was some other shit on that plate from Chez Jaques that they called “Chevre Proven√ßale”.
Only there was just goat cheese, tomatoes, onions and garlic.
Can I get a caper up in this B?!

We also had some garlic naan, and some chicken tikka masala.
As a side note, a friend and I were tempted to go to this restaurant this evening it was so good…
But it was in a gas station strip mall, and the strip mall was close to Summerfest.
I was there during the day.. No thanks.
(though i did miss New Kids on The Block… 12 year old me is reaaaaallly mad at 33 year old me)

Later, I had garlic frozen custard from Purple Door. It was nice.
No picture, because it just looked like custard.
Though I should talk about how frozen the stuff was, despite the heat on the pavement.
It took them 5 minutes to scoop me a single.
Those fools make a delightful strawberry goat cheese concoction, though.

Look at this lady. She loved the fest.

And this one loved, and also hated, laying down in the grass.
(she did it 15 times)
Which I just flat out loved.
Grassy Paige.

I had a dinner date later that evening…
And was adamantly warned about brushing my teeth with bleach.
But eating the amount of garlic that I ate?
It’s in there. Your skin. Your eye-juice. Your being.
Toothpaste will not save you.