Boat Works, And An Art Show.

Boat Works, And An Art Show.

A friend of mine gave me free tickets to see the Lakefront Festival of Art down at the Milwaukee Public Art Museum.
I had a few hours to kill, so I harassed my friend Cory at work, and strong-armed her into coming with me.
We drove up the lakefront, and parked in a lot that had a shuttle that ushered you to the front gate..
We waited exactly 42 minutes for the bus to come, for what would have been a 10 minute walk.
Once you’ve waited a certain amount of time, though…. It’s got to be coming soon, right?

On my way in, I bumped into another friend who said, “There are some wonderful things in there, but nothing to buy.”
…I thought it was an art show?
Already confused, we went in.
Outside, a man had carved this out of sand. He told a woman that it had taken a week.

My friend outside was right, though.
Inside the long line of tents was reminiscent of a craft show.
Only, these craft were around $7500 for a small sculpture.
I wondered who this market was for.
(if you’d like to buy some high end art for me, by all means, shoot me an email at

It took us a little under 45 minutes to peruse the rich people fare, and that’s including my purchase and subsequent annihilation of a beef skewer from Hue.
We decided to walk up the lakefront back to my car.
StrawLamb 014


A few days later, Summerfest started.
A friend of mine organized the rental of two pontoon boats to watch the fireworks from water.
It was decided before we went out on the water, that I would be the designated driver back to shore.
I was the only sober one. Besides a pregnant girl on the other boat.
By the time it got dark, my fellow seawards boaters were 3 sheets to the wind.
I’ll tell you what I don’t like…
5 drunk backseat boaters all shouting at me how to drive.
High anxiety, yo.
But I digress. Because the rest of it was a stunning trip.

We started in Pierre Marquette park, right on the river.
Every Wednesday, they have live music in the evening.
Jessica and I once saw a band here at sunset, with a flock of seagulls forming and sailing above our heads.
A woman sang about overcoming cancer.
“It was four long years ago today, it was four long years ago today, it was four long years ago today..” She chanted.
One of the most moving experiences of my life.

We saw this fun boat on the way.
I like seeing my places from different spaces.
Heading out.
Sunset under the Hoan Bridge.
We got out to the breakwater, and all the lights came on in the city.
And then the fireworks.
It’s all about where you see them, and who you see them with.
New Light.