Game Of Thrones, and Grimsey Island.

Game Of Thrones, and Grimsey Island.

My friend Lynsie stayed for an extra couple of days so that we could hang out last week. I was super happy she did that, because I was feeling like I hadn’t really made any connections here yet. I basically worked, then went home and laid around. It has been unusually cold here for the season, and sometimes rainy, so going out and sitting on a bench in town hasn’t really been an option.


So she stayed, and we decided to go on the Game of Thrones Tour near Akureyri. This included sometimes minimal refernces to things scenes that they filmed here. One included a cave where John Snow did it to that Wildling. BUT, only parts of that scene were filmed there. That sort of thing.

We went to a place called Lake Myvatn, and a lot of surrounding attractions. It was interesting, because there were only 3 other women on this tour, but they had signed up for the Lake Myvatn tour.. So we got some extra things, and they got some extra things.  Like Godafoss, or Waterfall of the Gods.

By the time we got to the Stinky Mug Pits, a wind storm had started, so it was a little bonkers trying to get in and out of the van. I also probably ate an entire volcano as it was swept into my nose, mouth, and eye cavities.

Grimsey Island is an island of the northern coast of Iceland. It is the only part of Iceland that is in the Arctic Circle. It is home to 100 humans, and over 500,000 birds.. Including puffins, seagulls, and arctic terns. Those last guys are big meanies, and will attack you if they think you are trying to get at their eggs. They consistantly watch you while you are there. Yikes.

To get to the island, I went to the Hof.. It’s the local tourist information center, restaurant, and souvenier shop. I bought bus tickets to get to Dalvik where the ferry is. It takes 45 minutes by bus, then the ferry to Grimsey is 3 hours. After it drops you in Grimsey, it takes you back 4 hours later. You can easily walk around the island in 4 hours. I didn’t go all the way around, because I got stuck in the majesty.