I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Most Danish folk, upon telling them where you’re from, will look at you crazy and say, “Well, what the fuck brought you HERE?”
In my case, it was part of the bigger thing, you know? I flew to Stockholm, and am headed to Amsterdam, so why NOT Copenhagen? It’s right between them.
Danish people love their country, but would pick anywhere else in Europe over it, it seems.
If they were forced to, of course.

When I got to my hostel, I loved it immediately. Best one I’ve been to so far. There is a really cool set up in the lobby, where they sell drinks and sandwiches.. Then they have different rooms along a pathway. One for laundry, a bean bag room, a room for watching movies/TV, one for reading, and one for doing stuff like I’m doing. The energy is really cool, too.

My roommates the first night were two Russian girls on their way back, and two Swedish girls, also on their way back. They stayed in for the night while I went and got some dinner. (I didn’t get in until about 7:30.) After I had some shitty Italian food from a weird place up the street, I met another roommate named Julia from Taiwan. She was super cute and sweet, and I wish we would have both had the same vision for our trip, but we were on some other stuff.
I wanted to go to Dyrehavn. (I am there now) And she wanted to go see the castle.
Instead of going to Dyrehavn yesterday, I got sidetracked wandering around. Which was fun and beautiful, and I had lunch alongside a canal.
I also went to Christiana.. Which is an island off of Copenhagen that decided it was going to do whatever the fuck it wanted. From what I understand, it’s not above the law, but the Danish government just never wanted to fight it. They just sort of turn their backs on it, which is WILD to me. There are all kinds of murals, paths, a little lake, a little skate park, and then the part you can’t take pictures of.. Basically a bunch of kiosks with that plastic camouflage stuff on them, and hardcore guys with masks and sunglasses on selling pot. Which I didn’t buy. On account of the masks. That shit made me feel weird. But it was cool to see.

When I got home, I met a new roommate named Lauren from New York. She made me laugh instantly, and asked if I wanted to go on a canal tour. She kept saying she would never do stuff like that, but she had been traveling for 2 weeks by herself, and was getting lazy. Turns out there is a lot of stuff she would never do.
The boat tour was fabulous. Copenhagen, like I previously stated, is outrageously beautiful. And I have gotten some exceptional weather while I’ve been here.
There were also two hilarious Danish guys in front of us that really made the trip for me.
They were drunk on rose, and were waving at everyone and saying to them in Danish, “Wave back, it’s good for tourism!”
Anytime we would go under a bridge, they would sing, “When the moon hits *the* eye like a big pizza pie.. That’s amore!” Which turned out to be the only part they knew.
I think this annoyed the Italians next to us, which only made me laugh harder.
They started to give us their version of the tour, and all of the insides to Danish culture and views. When the tour ended, Sebastian and Castern (maybe) asked us if we wanted to see some things with them! It was a big yes from me, but Lauren, immediately, was unsettled.

Lauren hadn’t been to Christiana, so the guys paid for bike taxis to get there. Super nice.
When we got to Christiana, Lauren was even more unsettled. It was definitely a different vibe at night than it was during the day, but only in that more people were partying. There were a few bars tucked in there, and you could just smoke or whatever you wanted. Lauren got super quiet, but turned her focus to our hosts. Questioning their motives, asking them if they were going to murder us, etc. She was also telling me the things she read about “How Danish people are” and stuff. Crime rates. (VERY LOW, BY THE WAY. SHE WAS FROM NEW YORK!!!!)
I just kept thinking, “How Danish people are? You are with some! Ask them things!!” But she wouldn’t, and didn’t.

I kept asking if she was okay, and while she said yes, she was clearly not.
Eventually, the guys picked up on it, and were asking what she wanted to do. Did she want to leave? Yes. She wanted to leave.
I was just getting into some good conversations with the two of them, when she started complaining of a stomach ache AND a headache. (Never double up when you’re lying about illness, unless it’s vomiting AND diarrhea. That’s just a rule.)
This made one of the Danes exhausted with her, and a little annoyed, I could tell.
I was a little annoyed as well, because no matter how much they tried to just talk with her, she kept returning to the murder thing. And looking at them weird.
They were a couple of clean cut Danish guys, one with a wife, and the other a girlfriend, that were super proud to show us their city, and she kind of blew it. Really, know how to read people! (this is something people will read after I get murdered)

She apologized to me the whole way home about how she hadn’t wanted to make them feel bad. About how they must think she’s so rude..
Accusing someone of plotting tourist murder schemes, for an evening that they are paying for, is kinda jacked, in all honesty. I was embarrassed for her.
BUT. It was her first time traveling alone, and she has learned to be protective of herself. I also think she comes from great privilege, and doesn’t really have to protect herself that often. Just saying.

As a side note, there are SO MANY HOT DUDES IN DANELAND. Like, tattooed, beardy hot dudes! All over the place! And tattoo shops inside the most random of places. Like a coffee shop in the airport? Like in my hostel?
If you appreciate a hot beardy, go the fuck to Denmark. They swarm.

Also, this morning, I watched what looked like a music video being filmed on the street below my hostel. I recorded it for a while before realizing I didn’t want to be that idiot.

I took the train to Dyrehavn, which is this HUGE park, and it’s beautiful. Swarming with deer. And there is even a theme park inside. I walked for 4 hours and only did about 1/16 of it. Seriously. I am writing this outside of it on a bench near the train station before I head back.
I need to get back to see the royal library, though. Squee!!

Boat Tour.

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