Road Trip.

Road Trip.

In Iceland, there landscape changes drastically everywhere you go. One minute, you’ll have a seaside with a view of some mountains across the bay, and the next you’ll see miles and miles of wasteland with nothing but dirt and rocks. Sometimes, there will be huge sulpher-filled yellow mountains next to a giant black crater. There are fields of purple flowers that smell like sugarcane just a few miles from quaint little towns that smell heavily of fish. Huge craters of volcanic rock, then rolling green hills with 100 year old fences zigzagging across them. Next up, waterfalls bleeding out into splintered rivers, or popups of springs that steam piping hot.

This place.



Just North of Husavik.

Dettifoss. (Death Falls)


Hverfjall Crater.


Dimmuborgir. (Crazy lava fields)

Flora and fungus of Dimmuborgir.



Goðafoss. (Waterfall of the Gods)

Leaving Akureyri. And other random shots of the majesty.